Count Yorga, Vampire

Dashing, Dark and Deadly.

"Victims and vampires even wear mini skirts" boasts the original studio press kit, hyping this blood-sucking thriller about a modern-day vampire who ironically terrorizes the City of Angels. With plenty of sharp-fanged villains, bosomy victims and an eerie castle just minutes from the closest freeway exit, this bone-chilling horror story is one you can really sink your teeth into.

Two lovers, Paul and Erica make a grave mistake. When they park their van outside a foreboding, vine-covered manor, the new owner - a vampire - decides to feed on the trespassers. The next morning, Paul has a terrible headache, and Erica has two mysterious puncture wounds in her neck. Now Paul must figure out just what happened before he loses the love of his life - and his own life - forever!

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