Young Adult

Academy Award® winner Charlize Theron stars as Mavis Gary, a 37-year-old former prom queen, and current writer of young adult novels, who returns home to relive her glory days and win back her now-married high school sweetheart. When she finds her homecoming more challenging than expected, Mavis forms an unusual bond with a former classmate and both must face the harsh realities of growing up in this brilliant and bittersweet story.


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Member Reviews

Not bad...

Young adult may not be the best movie I have ever seen but it was not that bad either. Charlize Theron is very good in this movie and she reunites with a guy from her high school and they each... Read More

- Cricri7

"Mavis" never grew up .....

"Mavis" never grew up. Once the High School Prom Queen, she never got over it. It made her selfish and indulgent. She drinks too much and she has lost her sense of reality of the world and of her... Read More

- Rocky_Al

Smart, honest, sickeningly funny and supremely well judged in the writing, direction and acting.

It is hard to really attack YOUNG ADULT strictly because the lovely Theron is very convincing as the unlovely Mavis. YOUNG ADULT would have been a much more interesting feature if the focus had been... Read More

- moviemonger

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