The Sitter

Need a sitter?

Jonah Hill rides out one outrageously wild night in this hilarious comedy from the director of Pineapple Express. Suburban slacker Noah (Hill) is watching a neighbor's kids when he gets a booty call from his horny girlfriend in the city. To hook up with her, Noah takes to the streets, but his urban adventure spins out of control as he finds himself on the run from a maniacal druglord. Raunchy laughs and insane action - it's all in a night's work for The Sitter.


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Member Reviews

Not Great

I do not think I would recommend watching this movie. The funny parts were few and far in between. Also, the characters were mostly just annoying and quite stupid. I also dislike movies when only bad... Read More

- MFisher

Nothing original

This was pretty much a remake of 'Adventures of Babysitting' from the 80s but with more swearing & drugs

It wasn't a laugh riot, but it definitely had its moments - the exchange with the... Read More

- mtlgirl

The Sitter

Mediocre is a good word to describe this movie. I remember a wonderful movie 20 or more years ago called Adventures in Babysitting. This was like a very poor remake... There are some laughs, and... Read More

- Jude

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