The Vow

Inspired by a true story, The Vow is the tale of a love that refuses to be forgotten. Leo (Channing Tatum, Dear John) is devastated when a car accident plunges his wife Paige (Rachel McAdams, The Notebook) into a deep coma. She miraculously recovers - but the last five years of her memories have vanished. Suddenly, Leo finds himself married to a stranger who can't remember anything about him. Naively, Paige falls back under the influence of her controlling parents (Sam Neill and Jessica Lange) and reconnects with her ex-fiancé (Scott Speedman). Desperately, Leo tries to recreate the moments that shaped their romance. Can he rekindle the passion before he loses Paige forever?

Member Reviews

True story

I had not checked out the story of The vow before zipping it. I zipped it because of the actors in the movies and the fact that it was a romantic movie, which I kind of like. However, I realized that... Read More

- Cricri7

Loved this story

This is a true story of a romance that could not be broken. What an inspiring love story that is truly unlike any other of the "romance" movies out there. The acting is great by both and they make... Read More

- cloicker


I did enjoy the film, based on a true story/inspiring events I knew going in they would be at the mercy of the real life couples life. The film was very romantic, and had a lot of people in the... Read More

- Dandrzej

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