The Last Rites of Joe May

Short-money hustler Joe May (Dennis Farina, Snatch, Law & Order) always believed he had a glorious future ahead of him, despite all evidence to the contrary. Released from the hospital after a long battle with pneumonia, Joe is forced to confront the harsh reality of his legacy: Everyone he knew had assumed he was dead, and life had gone on around him without missing a beat. Returning to his old Chicago neighborhood, he finds his car gone, all his worldly possessions pawned by his landlord, and the apartment he's lived in his entire adult life rented out to a single mother named Jenny and her eight-year-old daughter. But even with the odds stacked drastically against him, Joe finds an opportunity for one last shot at redefining his legacy.


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The last rites of Joe May

I have enjoyed mobster movies. Usually there are characters who play the support roles very well Denis Farina is one. I zipped this DVD specifically to see him playing the lead role for a... Read More

- Mano

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