Madonna's Academy Award nominated film (2011 Best Achievement in Costume Design, Arianne Phillips) delivers an elegantly stylish and beautifully dramatic look into the lives of two fragile yet passionate women intertwined across the decades. In 1998, New Yorker Wally Winthrop (Abbie Cornish) becomes enamored with what is believed to be the greatest romance of the 20th century - King Edward VIII's (James D'Arcy) surrender of the crown for the woman he loved, the chic and charismatic American, Wallis Simpson (Andrea Riseborough). Through a series of secret letters, Wally discovers the lifetime of romance Edward and Wallis shared together.

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This wasn't a bad film. It was a bit hard to understand why we kept being in 1998 and then back to the 30's. Of course with patience it was a bit more clear. This movie was full of Madonna. From the... Read More

- mxg123

Tedious, boring

I had low expectations for "WE" after reading the dismal reviews upon it's release. However I thought that perhaps the costume design and movie score could save it. I was wrong. Madonna could not... Read More

- Brody

Madonna fumbles second feature effort

Madonna's desire to leave a mark in the world of cinema has been relentless, but she's never gone quite as far as W.E., her first mainstream narrative directorial effort, and a film that's been... Read More

- eoguy

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