Pina, the Oscar-nominated film by Wim Wenders, takes us on a visually and emotionally stunning journey of the works of Pina Bausch, the great German dancer and choreographer. We travel with her legendary dance troupe onto the stage, into the streets and the surrounding countryside, experiencing Pina’s unique creations as they transform the language of dance. “What treasure lies within our bodies, to be able to express itself without words, and how many stories can be told without saying a single sentence.” - Wim Wenders


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A must see on dance.

This is a must see for lovers of contemporary art and culture. In our current state of commodifying most of the arts, its so refreshing to be reminded of the reasons why they are really so important... Read More

- rmomo

A riveting synthesis

Much like Pina Bausch seems to unerringly incorporate the unique style and character of her dancers into her choreography while retaining all that is gripping and individual about her work, Wenders... Read More

- Cworks

Lighten Up!

This film did not really click with me. The dance style is like a

pending apocalypse. It becomes very dreary sometimes. One wants to yell "Lighten up – have a drink!" Some excerpts brought to mind... Read More

- MikeB

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