The Guest House

Welcome to The Guest House, and welcome to this year's guiltiest pleasure for lesbian movie lovers everywhere! Eighteen year old Rachel (gorgeous new lesbian heart-throb Ruth Reynolds) is mature for her age. She's a hip aspiring songwriter and a blue-eyed blond bad girl who often clashes with her single father. Only because she is grounded is she at home for the arrival of Dad's new employee Amy (the lovely Madeline Merritt), who is staying in their swanky Los Angeles guest house for the weekend. A wholesome college graduate fresh to California from the cornfields of Iowa, Amy happily confesses her dreams and desires to Rachel over the course of the next few days - and the two women gradually fall in love! "It seems like anything's possible here." Amy proclaims as they ramble across the city in Rachel's Dad's Hummer. Out and about in Los Angeles the two girls can't keep their hands off each other. At home in the guest house their activities are even hotter.

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An easy going kind of film. It's not the best love story I've seen but still an all right film to pass some time watching.

Cheesy, conventional, not romantic. This lesbian drama provided nothing... Read More

- Dandrzej

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