That's My Boy

While still in his teens, Donny (Adam Sandler) fathered a son, Todd (Andy Samberg), and raised him as a single parent until Todd's 18th birthday. Now, after not seeing each other for years, Todd's world comes crashing down on the eve of his wedding when an uninvited Donny suddenly shows up. Trying desperately to reconnect with his son, Donny is now forced to deal with the repercussions of his bad parenting skills. Co-starring Leighton Meester, and featuring incredible cameos from a cavalcade of stars including Vanilla Ice, Susan Sarandon and James Caan.

Member Reviews


Considering all the negative press this movie received when it was released, I wasn't expecting much. Maybe low expectations is the attitude to have when watching this film ( pretty much goes for... Read More

- Karl


Adam Sandler is the best. This movies is hilarious, a must see.

Keeps you laughing the whole time.

Would recommend it to anyone looking for a good laugh

If you like his all the rest of his... Read More

- Mustang1979

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